Logan #13-D Conveyor Bearing

Logan #13-D Conveyor Bearing | 1stSource
Logan #13-D Conveyor Bearing | 1stSource

Box Quantity: 1 Each

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Bore Size: 11/16 in. Bore Type: HEX Load Rating: 300 lbs. Max OD of Body: 2.321 in. Ball Count: 13 Ball Size: 3/8 in. Material: Carbon Steel
Bore Size:  11/16 in.
Bore Type:  HEX
Load Rating:  300 lbs.
Max OD of Body:  2.321 in.
Ball Count:  13
Ball Size:  3/8 in.
Material:  Carbon Steel

This Dust-Protected Bearing (Style D) is provided with an outer shield which is fixed to the stationary inner race of the bearing, and does not touch any rotating part.

In a reasonably dry-atmosphere, excellent results are obtained with no lubrication whatsoever.

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