Logan #20-LL Conveyor Bearing

Logan #20-LL Conveyor Bearing | 1stSource
Logan #20-LL Conveyor Bearing | 1stSource

Box Quantity: 1 Each

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Bore Size: 7/16 in. Bore Type: HEX Load Rating: 135 lbs. Max OD of Body: 1.712 in.
Bore Size:  7/16 in.
Bore Type:  HEX
Load Rating:  135 lbs.
Max OD of Body:  1.712 in.

This Lubricated-For-Life bearing (Style LL) is constructed similar to the Dust Protected Type Bearing including the same labyrinth outer seal, but with an added built-in inner seal.
This bearing is pre-lubricated during assembly with a special long-life grease.

We recommend the Lubrication-For-Life Bearing for power driven rollers as used in Live Roller or Belt Conveyors.

It is also suitable for the Push Line Roller Conveyor, but not for Gravity Lines.

Do not use this bearing in areas where there is dirt or grime, as this type has no provision for cleaning or regreasing.

Cross reference: Logan 20-LL
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